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Radon Gas Testing

Home Testing

All homes should be tested for radon, even new homes as radon barriers that have been installed can prove to be unreliable, due to puncturing, poor sealing etc, and studies have shown that up to be 50% of these barriers may be ineffectual and still allow radon gas ingress into the building.

Two detectors are usually used in average sized houses and are placed in the most frequently used rooms; eg: bedroom, sitting room; where they remain for three months to gain an accurate average reading. The detectors are then returned to us to be analysed, and the results will be returned within five weeks. Full instructions are included with the detectors.

Commercial Testing

Radon testing follows the same procedures as home testing except that in office situations, each office on ground floor level should have a radon detector placed in it. In larger open plan offices one detector per 200m2 floor area is recommended, and in factory/ warehouse situations, one detector per 400m2 should be used. We provide a supply, installation and extraction service for all types of commercial properties, local authorities, housing associations and government bodies.

Our testers are analysed at an independant radon testing laboratory. All testers are bar coded and fully traceable. Independant callibration tests are carried out on a regular basis to ensure control and accuracy of the testing process.

Radon Ireland provides a full consultancy service which will involve a call out to your premises to discuss and assess the best methods of testing and remediation where necessary.